Secret School

by Whitley Strieber

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The Secret School: Preparation for Contact
Published Dec 1996 (Paperback Oct 1997)

In the new book, Strieber returns to his youth to recount a summer he spent in a “secret school” in the woods near his childhood home in San Antonio, and the nine lessons he learned that changed his life. These midnight forays into the forest, while forgotten for over forty years, prepared him for the events narrated in his previous three books.
     Now, in what might be called a prequel to all three books – but also, in many senses, the conclusion of the journey he began in Communion – Strieber gives us The Secret School, his quest for the meaning of his encounters.
     Triggered by his first encounter in 1985, but still half-hidden in shadow, only now has be begun to reconstruct these childhood summers spent in secret adventure, these summers that prepared him for the reality of life in the future.
     Jumping between a child’s-eye view and an adult’s hindsight, Strieber deftly weaves an adventure that stretches across the decades, landing (or rather, lifting off) at the place his new life started when he met apparent extraterrestrials. As Strieber says in his introduction, “This is a book about the future – what will happen in the next few years, how things are likely to change.”

The Secret School
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