Chat of 5 March 1996
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3/5/96 7:58 PM Forum CO
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Melanie/SL6: Welcome Whitley! We are so glad to have you here!

Whitley Strieber: Glad to be here. Hope I manage to stay connected this time.

Ann/SYSOP: Welcome to the UFO Forum's Conference featuring Whitley Strieber! Tonight's conference is a FORMAL open discussion. Please type a "?" to ask a question and a "!" to make a comment. You will be called on in order. Please have your question or comment typed and ready to go with a "GA" at the end to let us know you're done. Anyone disrupting the conference will not be allowed to participate. Thanks for joining us tonight!

A51Decoy: ?

claudine: ?

Melanie/SL6: Yes, we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for you! Would you like to say anything before we start taking questions?

A51Decoy: ?

Tanya: ?

Whitley Strieber: Just that there seems to be an exceptional amount of UFO activity, especially since July. Incredible video from all over the place, and lots of encounter reports. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Yes, I have noticed that. Pretty exciting. A51, [ga]

A51Decoy: are you still in contact, and is your family?

Whitley Strieber: Last week a friend who is totally unconnected with the experience had a face-to-face encounter in broad daylight and was left pretty astonished. Afterward, I had what seemed to be telepathic contact for about twenty-four hours. It seemed related to the chain of mountains that stretches from Canada to South America, and was very eerie. At one point, I heard the phrase, "a shadow hangs over the cordilliera" and saw an image of these mountains. Of course, the greatest amount of UFO activity by far in the past few years, has occurred from Colorado to Argentina, along the whole massif. [ga]

A51Decoy: I mean, can you contact them? do you think you are messing with something that is beyond your reach? [ga]

Whitley Strieber: Contact them? I don't really try at the present time. I've done that and it worked pretty well, as I chronicled in Breakthrough. But I want to go beyond simply contacting them. I want to be actively involved in the search. [ga]

Wily Coyote: ?

Melanie/SL6: Claudine, your turn.

claudine: hello mr Stieber, I am not in the USA but trying to get all your books, are you preparing a new one? are they still visiting you?

Ender: ?

Whitley Strieber: You won't get Breakthrough extra-US. For some reason, I could not get the agent to sell it abroad even though there is a big market. I am still involved with them, but I wouldn't say that it involves "visits." I want to make some kind of new relationship. I don't know just what I want from the right now. The most powerful thing i can get, I suppose. [ga]

Lillian: ?

Melanie/SL6: Wily Coyote, you are next.

Wily Coyote: What does telepathy feel like? Do you sense words in your mind or do you feel non-verbal energies that you interpret after sensing them - or something else?
claudine: !

Ronald: ?

zermatt: zermatt ?

Whitley Strieber: Feels like a lot of things, ranging from very exact phrases, spoken as if by a living voice, to pictures, to ideas. Trouble is, IS IT REAL? I am never sure, of course, which is both the problem with it and the thing that makes it so provocative and interesting. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Tanya, your turn

A51Decoy: ?

Tanya: First, thanks for talking to us. Do you believe the visitors are on a specific timetable to ultimately reveal themselves to mankind in general? Have they revealed any further info on where mankind is headed in the near term? [ga]

Madelynne: ?

Whitley Strieber: Timetable, yes. But part of how it unfolds seems to have to do with us. Part of it is very mechanical. For example, the first gigantic public sighting that took place in Mexico occurred on the day one of the native calendars changed to a new sun. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Ender, you are next.

Ender: A little off the subject, (sorry, but I'm curious) I recently saw the Communion movie, what was your impressions of it?

Whitley Strieber: Complex question! Simple answer: it was emotionally authentic, but the effects did not work as well as we had hoped, and the director, in his effort to communicate the ambiguity of the experience and some of its hyperdimensional flavor, took lots of liberties with the structure of my encounters as I remember them. Overall, I am finding that I like the film better as time goes by, to coin a phrase. The director's ideas are surprisingly rich, I think. It;s a film that will last, I feel, and I am surprised at that--pleasantly. [ga]

Lillian: In your interviews with abductees has anyone ever related an experience of seeing large almond shaped emerald green eyes? Thank you [ga]

Whitley Strieber: Red, white, black, brown. Don't recall green or emerald, but it could be in the database somewhere. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Claudine, you are next :)

claudine: I am convinced (from my experience) that we are using a small part of our mind potential to understand this "phenomena", then there are other different perceptions like emotions, which are then captured by the brain, and not least, are our higher perceptions that belong to the realm of intuition. We have to work hard on ourselves to develop as human beings, so we can really start to communicate and understand them, you all know it is difficult enough to do this with our own human brothers and

Whitley Strieber: We have a life that is entirely outside of time, that we intentionally do not remember while we are enacting our lives. But we are going to remember--the fact that we can even see the visitors means that we are starting to do that. Mankind is entering the cosmos, beginning to raise its consciousness to this new level. Exciting time to be alive. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: ? Ronald, you are next :)

Ronald: Hi Whitley, I have had strange happenings for 12 yrs. but no conscious memory of visitors. how can i get them to show themselves to me?[ga]

Paul: !

Winter: ?

Kip: ?

Whitley Strieber: Be careful with this or your imagination will do the showing for you! I would try to create as much peace in my life as possible, to meditate, and give myself permission to remember. This will help some, if you are patient. It's a tough one, but if you persist, you will probably find some memories that you can hang on to Just don't overdo it, or you will start dreaming.[ga]

Melanie/SL6: Zermatt, you are next.

Whitley Strieber: Testing to see if I am still online.[ga]

Melanie/SL6: Madelynne, you go ahead.

Susan: !

Madelynne: Not long after the UFO Expo in San Mateo last October you mentioned...

Ann/SYSOP: You're still with us Whitley :)

Madelynne: ...on the Art Bell show that the "Communion" type visitor had a rare visit with you after a long hiatus..have you been physically visited since then? [ga]

Ronald: ?

Whitley Strieber: Right as I was finishing the Secret School, in November, I had the encounter you are referring to. Since then, nothing physical in my personal life, but it has started happening to unconnected friends, as I stated earlier. So totally unexpected. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Susan, you are next :0

Susan: I am excited to be able to talk with you Whitley. I have had some encounters of my own. Have you all read the Mary Summer Rain books? Please do ALL! the Mary Summer Rain books? PLEASE DO>[ga] oops

Debbie/ASYS-Library: zermatt left

Whitley Strieber: Lots of fabulous books coming out. We are getting this thing in perspective, I think, beginning to create an understanding that contains lots of HUMAN meaning. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Dianne, your turn.

Dianne: The visitors that come around me are mostly acting quickly, with their predetermined agendas playing out...However it seems like golden opportunities for communication are lost...I realise this loss is on *my* end, but with that in mind, have you discovered anything that they would be interested in conversing about, or just what? thanks! [ga]

Whitley Strieber: Remember, always, that what you lose, they also lose. You are responsible only for doing your best on your own behalf. When we get beaten up by this thing--abducted, terrorized, essentially enslaved by devised ignorance--that is THEIR responsibility. They are not interested in conversing, or they cant, or it would already have happened. They do their part of this on their terms. We need fo find our own terms, our own meanings, and do our best to fulfill ourselves, no matter what happens. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Paul, [ga]

Paul: Whitley, just a couple of years ago I would have said your comment regarding a "life entirely outside of time" would have made anything else you had to say unbelievable as well. But in the last year the visitors have shown me the same thing. It's amazing, isn't it? Just thought I'd comment publicly (for the benefit of non-experiencers) that you are NOT nuts...or we both are! [ga] By the way-- I have found they respond well to images. Verbal messages fall on deaf ears, so to speak...

ECL Robin: Hello

Paul: but mental images they will answer. They also get quite excited when you try it! [ga]

Lillian: ?

Whitley Strieber: The next thing in this experience has to do with learning to go outside of time and see our true past and probable future. We can learn to use prophecy as a tool. Fortunately, in this case, science is keeping up with us, because, as Hawking said in October, "it would appear that time travel is possible." Oh, yeah! And I agree with you about images. It works, sort of. The interesting thing for me is when they start loading my gourd up with images. Fascinating! gaq Sorry, plain [ga]!

Melanie/SL6: Tanya, [ga]

Paul: Yeah, those rapid-fire projections are something! [ga]

Tanya: Have you had instances whereby individuals with no previous known contact experience, after having read your books, requested contact with the Visitors, and have reported to you as being successful in contacting (or being contacted by) them?

Whitley Strieber: Plenty of requests, a few reports that it worked. What they do is meditate, create a series of pictures showing where they are, and ask for contact. A question I got: what do I do now? Pretty frantic guy. I answered, why did you want this? He said, will they ever get out of my life? I said, dunno. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Whitley, myself and some of my abductee friends all had a message on the same day, a wake up call of sorts, with the theme "woe to she who knows and does nothing!" It was really upsetting and we all felt terribly guilty for not "doing our jobs" although we don't know what that is!

Paul: !

Melanie/SL6: Any thoughts on this?

Whitley Strieber: That quote rings a bell. Bible, maybe? I'm always getting the feeling--or actually being told--that I am screwing up. My question back is, on whose terms? If I screw up because I don't get the message, then I think that the messenger has to take partial responsibility. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Winter, you are next.

Winter: What happened to the congressional investigation that you mentioned in "Breakthrough"? What became of it? [ga]

Wily Coyote: ?

Susan: !

Whitley Strieber: A lot, I think. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that the three billion dollars that has been found hidden or "lost" by the National Reconnaissance Office might be related to that investigation. Last week, the director and his deputy were canned as a result. Last I heard of the investigation was a couple of years ago, when they said, "we can;t find the documents, we are going after the money." Maybe they found it. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Kip, you are next.

Dianne: ?

Debbie/ASYS-Library: Kip left

Melanie/SL6: Claudine, you are next then!

claudine: I am very intrigued about young age experiences, that have a path of development during the whole life, when did you start having these experiences, would it be possible to remember without undergoing hypnosis. Is it possible that they are observing our personal growth and waiting for the right moment to interact?I we have a completely different conditioned equipment. (mind, body, soul) Maybe their job is to activate our potentials , so we ourselves have the capacity to do some real changes for our own humanity, without expecting them to do it.

FrankSL5,22: ?

Whitley Strieber: Childhood is the key. The whole thing starts there--both the relationship and the amnesia that surrounds it. My new book is about this. What happens to us behind that wall of amnesia I am trying to create a mnemonic device that will get other people to remembering more, also. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Ronald, you are next.

Ronald: Why are you still so scared of the visitors after having so many encounters? [ga]

s.cross: ?

Whitley Strieber: Scared is not the word. I am not scared. In fact, because I am not scared, I have become much more my own man. I am running my half of the relationship, which means both making things happen on my terms, and surrendering to their desires, but willingly. I hope. I'm trying. Not scared, but trying damn hard to cut the cards. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Lillian, your turn :)

Lillian: What do you think of the theory that there are Aliens already living amongst us now? Thank you and by the way is your new book available in Canada? [ga]

ECL Robin: ?

Whitley Strieber: Since the friend I referred to at the top of the CO had his encounter on a city street, I would assume that they are indeed living among us. Breakthrough is available in Canada from Harper Collins. [ga]

Ronald: ?

Melanie/SL6: Paul, you are next :)

Paul: Regarding your friends who initiated contact and then wanted it to stop: If you are ABSOLUTELY UNAMBIGUOUS that you want the visits to cease--sub-consciously as well as consciously--they will. Controlling the subconscious is tricky but can be done with visualization, self-hypnosis, chanting, etc. I know of two former abductees that have done this.

Believer Luke: ?

Whitley Strieber: Really hard to know what the inner self wants, sometimes. [ga]

Paul: [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Wily, [ga]

Paul: Dream interpretation can help there.

Wily Coyote: What do you currently think the visitors are? Has your view of them changed since you wrote Breakthrough or Communion? Do you ever suspect they are from your own subconciousness? [ga].

Paul: [ga]

Whitley Strieber: They are not a mental effect isolated within the individual. There are too many multiple witness experiences for that to be true. I think that they are a whole lot of things, or so complex that they might as well be a group of related phenomena, as far as we are concerned. Are they aliens from another planet? On some level, probably. But I think, mostly, that we cannot yet articulate what they are. we have not evolved the language for it. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Susan Surrett, you are next :)

Susan: ga lost my question

Melanie/SL6: Dianne G, you are next.

Whitley Strieber: Am I still here? No need to answer. If I am, I'll see it come up. [ga]

Dianne: Whitley, there is a book by Courtney Brown...whereby he makes claims of remote viewing an alien race currently living in SA. What are your thoughts on this? [ga]:)

Whitley Strieber: SA? What is SA? [ga]

Dianne: South America!! [ga]

Whitley Strieber: Oh, yes. Major Dames and his people believe, as I understand it, that there are Martians living in South America. Mars certainly plays some role in all this, but we have a lot to learn about remote viewing before we can rely on it absolutely as a source of fact. Courtney's book is an experiment, and a brave one. But it is only the beginning. Lots of adventure in that direction, I would think. He has a school in Atlanta, by the way, which teaches the process. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: s. cross, you are next :)

s.cross: where can one go or inquire for help for remembering ? have you found anything which might encourage encounters? are there any geographic locations that might be preferable?

Whitley Strieber: I don't know the answers to these questions. In a way, it isn't time. I think that mankind is still in the process of deciding if we want this at all. Once we have turned toward it within ourselves as a species and a part of our world, we will find that the secrecy, official and otherwise, disappears, and we have clear, concise answers to the above questions. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: ECL Robin, your turn :)

ECL Robin: I had a dream in which I had some loving contact with aliens who looked like small children. Their craft (very large) came over my head and I saw my scull on their computer screen. Do you have a thought or an explanation for that? Are the Martians living in South America red dwarves bathed in red light? [ga]

Bill: ?

Whitley Strieber: No idea what the dream meant? As I recall, the people described in Courtney's book are more or less human looking. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Frank, you are next!

FrankSL5,22: Thank you for coming tonight. I notice that you make indirect Biblical references in you writings. For, example the names fo your first two books. What do you think is the Biblical significant of these abductions from your personal experiences? Seems that many become more spiritual after becoming aware of visitors. But I also recall that many primitive tribes also thought that more advanced civilizations were diefied. What's your feelings or opinion. BTW it is great to have you here with us. <VBG> [ga]

s.cross: r

Whitley Strieber: Biblical references are my own. I am bringing my own spiritual background to my experience, from my Catholicism to my Gurdjiefian studies. Everything i've got. I feel that they have responded most profoundly to me as I have focused on my christianity and integrated prayer (to God) into my communication with them. I have been taken more seriously, treated less roughly, and an very noticable effort has been made to respond to me in a much richer and more complex, more fulfilling way. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Ronald, your turn :)

Ronald: I'm sorry but i got the impression you were scared after i read "BREAKTHROUGH"-not going out to them when they called & throwing tables at them. What caused you to do these things? [ga]

Whitley Strieber: Next question is the last. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Whitley, this has been wonderful! Thanks so much for being here. For our last question...

Whitley Strieber: Threw the table in 1989, my friend. What caused me to do it was the fact that something ran at me from across the room, and it did not look like anything of this world. Surprise scared me. I have learned to try to be ready, so that when I am surprised I can offer more than a shriek and a tossed table! [ga]

Wily Coyote: What is the status of Secret School?

Melanie/SL6: TZ and DI, you have the last quetion.

TZ&DI: How do we know that we do want this experience, I mean that it will be best for us and for them and for our future as a race?

Whitley Strieber: It is written and I am struggling to find a publisher. Even though my sales are great, there is lots of strange, inappropriate, weird resistance to publishing my books. I have already been silenced in most of the world. US could always be next. [ga]

Melanie/SL6: Whitley, can you answer TZ's question before you go?

Whitley Strieber: How do we know we want it? I want it because I like adventure. But we have a lot of deciding to do. We don't need to worry, though. We WILL decide. The important thing for those of us deep in the experience, is to make as much noise as we can so that everybody not in direct contact gets a real flavor of the thing--and not one corrupted by the Satanic influences that emanate from the government and other cults. Goodnight, all, and thanks for having me.

Melanie/SL6: Thanks so much Whitley. You have given us a lot to think about! We appreciate your taking the time to be here with us and look forward to seeing you again.
Ann/SYSOP: Whitley, thanks so much for coming tonight!
FrankSL5,22: Whitley Thank You So Much for Coming to Visit Us!!
Dianne: Thanks!!!!
Paul: 'Night, Whitley! Always a pleasure.
claudine: thank you very much Mr Strieber, good night!
Madelynne: Good night Whitley, thanks!
Ronald: Thank you!!
Ann/SYSOP: Great Conference!
John: Good night and God bless.
Jim Griebel/SL: Out_standing!_
Winter: Thanks.
Susan: Thanks Whitty. We love you PAL. May all your encounters be good ones!!