The Next Step

by Whitley Strieber

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Breakthrough: the Next Step
Published April 1995
(Paperback May 1996)

After telling the world of his remarkable contacts with apparent aliens in his mega-bestsellers Communion and Transformation, Whitley Strieber suddenly and mysteriously retired from public life in 1989. At the time he said only that he would not return until he had something fundamentally new to say about the beings he had come to call “the visitors.”
     What had happened in 1989 was that he had gotten compelling proof that the visitors were real. His first impulse was to rush this information to press, but then he stopped, concerned that publication might be interpreted as some kind of signal to the visitors to initiate wider contact. He was worried what this might mean. Not all encounter experiences were good. People were afraid. Strieber himself was afraid.
     He embarked on what became a five-year struggle to understand. The visitors responded by taking him on an astounding and extensively witnessed journey of revelation. He asked many questions: Who were they? What were their intentions? What did they want or need from us?
     They answered with some extraordinary disclosures.

– He observed as they entered the lives of a family he considered among his closest friends, watching over the years how the family changed and the remarkable effect of the visitors on their child.

– He witnessed direct contact between a visitor and a desperate, terminally ill friend. This led to stunning new realizations about the true wonder of life and the rich, almost totally unexplored experience we call death.

– In an incredible few minutes a group of people at his isolated cabin had a face-to-face encounter with a creature from another world, touching hands across the gulf of the unknown.

– The overwhelming impact of what he discovered made Whitley Strieber search his own soul as well. He became a virtual hermit, living in close touch with the visitors for months at a time. He feels that he has understood their aim, and that there are priceless new potentials available to everyone through contact with them. At last he received the epiphany he has been seeking since the first moment he met them.

What has happened to Whitley Strieber is completely without precedent. There has never been an unexplained experience so carefully documented or extensively witnessed by others. He has passed four lie detector tests. He has been examined for many diseases both physical and mental.
     Not only is he entirely normal, the proof he advances in this book would convince a jury.
     They are here. They are waiting for us to take the next step. To Breakthrough.


Text of Spoken Message in the Breakthrough Multimedia Sampler

Breakthrough is probably among the strangest books you will ever read. I think that this is because it is an honest account of contact with people and a culture very different from our own, but obviously very concerned with us, in their own way. The book contains proof that they are real, and one respected book review, the Kirkus Reviews, has already stated, that it will give you pause.
     Breakthrough is very different from most books about visitors and aliens. First, there are many named witnesses who are willing to step forward.
     Second, it is not a horror story, but rather the story of a struggle that remade a man intellectually and spiritually.
     In this sense, it is much more like real life with the visitors than the scary stories that come out of the UFO community. Only a small percentage of people who wrote me told such stories. But obviously, we should proceed down this very new path with caution. But also, I think, with curiosity and love. Welcome to Breakthrough.

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