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June 19, 1994 18:56
Whitley Strieber Conference on Compuserve

Pete (Moderator): Welcome Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, Transformation and now Beyond Communion! Whitley, would you like to say a few words of intro here?

Whitley: Yes. It's a first for me, so bear with me if I screw up the protocol. Now I'm not locked up.

Pete (Moderator): The question we are discussing tonight is: Are the visitors extraterrestrial or from other dimensions or parallel worlds.

Whitley: Are the visitors physical or from another reality? That's the conference question. But the answer seems to lie along a broad spectrum. I've had experiences that appear to be entirely physical, all the way to totally out of this world things.

Llew A. Wykel: My experience with this is that the beings are both, physical and interdimensional.

Whitley: What I've wondered is if all the hyperphysical stuff could be special effects. If the experience isn't, basically, physical.

Llew A. Wykel: Using the interdimentional means as a traveling mode.

Whitley: Wormholes, you mean? A tremendous amount of energy would have to be involved, and a location probably well away from any physical objects, like planets.

Llew A. Wykel: Yes I think that the “physical” stuff is a form of “guising.”

Bert: Whitley, some experiencers seem to encounter humans along with least they appear to be human.

Whitley: I've got thousands of letters about that. Also, people encounter visitors with their own dead friends and relatives.

Bert: Have you ever encountered humans and in this connection have you...

Whitley: Yes.

Bert: ever seemed to have a military connection?

Whitley: A military connection? Uniforms – dark blue. Very stern but compassionate people. Not our military. But a sense of that.

Rilla/Sysop: I was wondering...Pete and I have discussed the possibility that these “aliens” are not really from “outer space” but rather from a different dimension and travel interdimensionally...this feels right to me...what is YOUR opinion on this?

Whitley: It turned out that a relative of mine, recently deceased, was connected with MAJESTIC early on. He was the source of lots of the stuff in my book on the subject. He thought that they were entirely physical. But I don't agree.

Paul M. Hadeed: Do you think holograms are used to create these special effects.

Whitley: No idea about technology. If any. .

CCC: Joe McMoneagle down at the Monroe Institute seems to think the ET's are us from the future. Any thoughts here?

Whitley: My feeling is that the mind is vastly more powerful than we suspect, and that by making constricting assumptions about its power, we have crippled ourselves. So, I doubt if the visitors use much technology. And from the future – I've certainly wondered, too.

Pete (Moderator): WS – On this idea of “special effects” Whitley, could you describe a recent example?

Whitley: Give me a moment to compose.
I don't have a recent example from my own life. But a typical experience is seeing them come through a wall.

Llew A. Wykel: We have been working on the possibility that they are “us” in another dimension with a "free will" in that dimension not connected to ours here.

Whitley: Or us in the future.

Alain/ASOP: OK. I alwasy thought that they could be within our universe but use interdimensional travel to get here. I.e. not need wormholes to get here. Why do you think that is not possible?

Whitley: What would interdimensional travel without a wormhole be?

Alain/ASOP: The use of scalar technology indicates that quantum tunneling could be a real possibility. I.e. high gravity field could be localized.

Whitley: Again, huge energy needs

Helen S./CHANNELING: I want to pursue Rilla's question a bit more. What if the interdimensional travel were *within* our consciousness rather than outside in a different physical reality. What would the implications be of your study and work?

Whitley: Ref Bearden pls. ga. And I see Helen as being on to something. I feel as if my mind is like a window for them, into our world.

Pete (Moderator): Second question, Helen?
Helen S./CHANNELING: Yes...What would it mean if the “other” were some “future version of us except more “dispassionate,” the kind of dispassion that comes from creating worlds and following their progress as if the ultimate scientific approach us taken to the extreme?

Whitley: We saw some people once who seemed to be from the future. They were translucent, looked drugged...and I wondered if a drug will be created that enables time travel.

Alain/ASOP: OK. To follow on on the scalar tech...Bearden believes that spacetime can be curved by opposing cancelling EM waves. The energy is still there but cannot be detected by conventional means. Yet, it would squeeze into another dimension. Gravity forces are 10E42 weaker than EM forces so it should be much more easy to produce spacetime curavture. Some files are in lib 8 BEARD1.ZIP to

Whitley: Will look at files. Thanx. I suspect that we filter out many sense perceptions. We know the future, to an extent. That's why there is such tension in the world, and such breathtaking denial. The signals coming back are not good, and we're scared.

PJ: If different brain wave states are different levels of resonance, and if all mass is simply trapped resonance, it seems logical to me that changing one's “brain wave state” (or state of consciousness) would put one at a “different frequency.” If dimensions were... say, a range of frequency, this would allow us to access dimension by the willed control of personal brain waves. Make sense to you?

Whitley: I think that the brain is probably a quantum machine, and capable of many unsuspected capabilities.

Frank Paladino: Re the time-travel enabling drug idea...Was that somthing you thought of at the *time* you saw these people (ie was it “suggested”) or was it a later explanation you thought of?

Whitley: We saw a kid on a bike, who disappeared before our eyes. And I thought then – he looked drugged.

Xanadu: Hi sorry I'm Late, WS could you please talk a bit about what you see happening in the next five years?

Whitley: Next 5 years, we will come to understand that we cannot escape our present environmental predicament without major suffering.

Llew A. Wykel: Our expierence with these beings began in 1983. We have been in constant contact. They will allow some interaction on our part but it is limited to instruction and actions to be performed... Have you been asked to accomplish anythig specific?

Whitley: Yes. Constant contact is getting more common. I've been doing that for a little over a year. And more of my letters mention it. Specifics have to do with personal surrender.

Bert: Whitley, do you have any thoughts/opinions about the ongoing Schiff investigation thru the GAO? Do you think this will bear any fruit?

Whitley: Maybe. I've been tormented by so many diff. govt. agencies that there must be a hell of a thing going on. I mean, people have come to my house, have interviewd me, tested me physically, on and on. And I am just one guy, so there must be thousands of records to be found.

PJ: Once in a great while when they show up, the vibrations in the room (and in the head!) pick up to such a pace that there's actually NOISE – eerily like the 40's sci fi flicks. (This helps the “I must be crazy” thoughts, eh. <grin>) So I've been wondering whether sound/light – which certainly can effect consciousness – could be the medium of transfer. This “physical” and “wormhole” stuff is either unnecessary, or unapparent. They've reached into me and my eyes were wide open – they weren't THERE at least partially physically. The typical UFO field paranoia hasn't cropped up with me; it's more a “religious” experience. When I accepted it, it got easier and (frankly) more fun. Do you have any experience with being able to “put yourself into that mode” (or some would say “summon”) them? I've heard it can be done. Haven't been able to. What's your experience here?

Whitley: Sound is a critical factor. I think that the whole thing is controlled by sonic vibrations.

Don Kircher: Do you have a feel for their purpose or plan

Whitley: I have seen them “stop the clock” in a big town using a sound like a gong that made me feel numb. As to plan, I think that we are their plan. The outcome of the human species.

Helen S./CHANNELING: Talk a bit about intent. Do concepts like good and evil make any sense in the context of your experience and your study of this phenomenon? As in warring forces of good and evil.

Whitley: Maybe we have to decide about intent, just like we have to gain an organic realization that they are here before we can freely interact with them. Also, a lot of my experience has concerned reconnecting with good and evil in a new way. As objective forces rather than subjective.

Paul M. Hadeed: Do you think ET has a specific time frame in respect to their plan for humanity.

Whitley: Nothing specific. Just here, waiting for us to change our focus.

Bert: Regarding your comment about gov. agency tormenting did you mean that this has just started up since the Schiff investigation went into gear? or has this been going on a long time?

Whitley: Not nasty, really. Just persistent. Started after I published Majestic, 'cause it appears to be full of classified stuff. Wanted to know where I got it.

MJW: Thanks. I would like to change the subject and ask about the new book you have written. I have all your books, since Hunger and can hardly wait for your next one...
Llew A. Wykel: Sonics, is the way that we have maintained contact. We are in the process of synthesizing these sounds to enable us to communicate more clearly. We have been harrassed also to the point of droping underground and stopping all talks we were involved in. Do you have theorys on how long they have been here?

Whitley: Back to the govt. Now that I think about it, it HAS gotten more persistent recently, in some ways. Could NSA be nervous about me connecting with the Schiff investigation? Don't know. And Lew, what kind of harrassment? I get lots of techie stuff, like viruses on this box, etc.

MJW: I want to know if you still feel that they are benevolent beings who are visiting so many of us.

Whitley: Benevolent has no meaning for me. Are we benevolent? They are terribly complicated, as are we!

Llew A. Wykel: We were told to stop talking or they would send the IRS after us, and did have one official show up at my next talk and identify himself as IRS.

Whitley: Did send IRS after me. But I'm clean. Just keep pushing the envelope, I say. Hell with them!

Llew A. Wykel: That was enough for us we dropped out.
Xanadu: Could you talk a bit more about the "outcome of Humanity"? BTW could you say what gov't agencies?

Whitley: I won't stop until I die. This is the most important thing. If we get this right, mankind evolves. If not, we go extinct. And you're looking at a very short timeframe. A century more, at most.

Llew A. Wykel: Right on!
wscot: Since you mentioned much of Majestic was fiction and how much is meant to be fact

Whitley: My primary contacts are with NSA. They put the pressure on me. And Majestic – the way things got started with MAJIC and the way they went wrong, that's the true part of the book.

Don Kircher: Is there more than one race visiting you or do you have assigned handlers

Whitley: No idea. Don't think it's that simple. Maybe we don't even have words for what is “visiting” us. Are we visiting ourselves? The life of mankind is at jeopardy, and our mind is desperately looking for a way out. The visitors are a side-effect of this struggle, whether they are physically real or not.

SHARON: You mentioned “Change of focus ” Could you elaborate on the kind of change they are looking for.

Whitley: WE are looking for it. A way of seeing the world as it really is, and making use of all the tools of the mind that the visitors hold out before us like buckets of well-water before a parched wanderer.

PJ: Regarding sound (sonics). I think this is a big deal, Whitley. If we can even get the 'underground' focused in this direction we could make real progress. Also, practice makes perfect; I think I'd freak out less when suddenly 'losing the guising' if I had more practice. If you know any sources of info, I'd appreciate getting them. We're working specifically with sound affected consciousness and would love to find a few others.

Whitley: No sources. Nobody knows anything about it! Interesting book, The World is Sound by Berendt

Llew A. Wykel: We haven't stopped just formed quiet group to maintain contact. Whitley your right the name of the game is evolve or become extinct, that's why we think they are so persistant. They may be dependent on that for their existance, that's the feel I get from it all. What do you think?
PJ: (Darn. Keep us on your list, Whitley, we may have something for you eventually. Thanks anyway.)

Whitley: I am involved in lots of fear combined with lots of physical pleasure. I fight the fear as a kind of spiritual discipline. But the physical contacts are now very pleasant. The fear is about annihilation of my soul. Fear of that. As if they will simply displace my reality with their own, push me aside and render me empty of meaning.

Bob M.: I am not so sure society will 'change it's focus' without some MAJOR disasters or experiences like your own. People are so into themselves or money, they don't see the signs or even WANT to see the signs if it bit them on the a$$.(And it will) Do you think most of you are 'chosen', maybe because you're already half way there into changing your focus?

Whitley: Absolutely. What is inevitable is that at some time soon the planet will become irreversibly unable to support us and there will be all kinds of environmental breakdowns. And chosen? If you're on this ole earth, you chosen!

PJ: Perhaps these “interdimensional” abilities are inherent in humanity but manifested more in (the DNA?) of some humans than others, and they're really just "scanning" humanity to find those they can work with. What do you think?

Whitley: It seems so organic to me. I mean by that, so deeply a part of nature. I can't perceive an “us and them” approach. It's all us. Living things, in the whole specrtum of potential, from the simplest animal to the consciousness that seems to skate the ether.

Llew A. Wykel: Whitley have you been able to ask the beings to back off till you get your breath, and come back in when you are ready to interact again. Or do they just seem to know when that is required?

Whitley: Yeah, I've created a sort of pulsation. Seasonal, with the peaks coming in the winter. When they are gone, I'm homesick, then when they're here, scared!

Pete (Moderator): Whitley, are you entering other dimensions or parallel worlds yourself in your experiences – or being taken there? Is this in Beyond Communion? Whitley

Whitley: Yes. I think that we can do this more easily than we realize. This is what Beyond Communion is about. US doing something. Making our half of the relationship active.

Llew A. Wykel: The intensity of the being around you is almost unbearable to the extent that we become over stimulated and can't stay that way for very that why there seems to be “drugging” taking place to you?

Whitley: Last time we looked in each others eyes, I did not crack or turn away and it was HARD HARD HARD for both of us. We don't do it anymore. And as far as "drugging" is concerned, I just speculated about the idea of a drug that would enable time travel. I'm certainly not drugged when I have my experiences. But I CAN BE numbed or placed in an altered state by sounds. And I've seen others being affected thusly.

PJ: Seems to me the bottom line is making the best of this; learning to work with it to our (possibly mutual) benefit. Any ideas for John Doe, Whitley? For introducing or increasing exposure, ability to deal with exposure, ability to integrate it all, et al? .

Whitley: It is a matter of becoming as used to this as we are to the rising and setting of the sun, or to breath, or to our own lives. The kind of surrender that is needed is active, participating and deeply freeing. It is not surrender to THEM, but surrender to ONESELF. That's the beginning.

Bert: I'm looking forward to the new book. When will it be out?And are there any surprises in store for us?

Whitley: The new book will be published by Harper/Collins next year. Summer, my guess. Not finished writing it yet. And yes, I have a fairly interesting surprise.

Alain/ASOP: This Sonics thing reminds me of Patrick Flanagan's neurophone where he scrambled his brain for a good 20 minutes when he tried some phaisng settings once. Do you think that it is what is happening?
Pete (Moderator): Whitley, can you give us an inside preview at all. What do *You* think about the origin of the visitors. ie. is there just one type or several. Are some ET and some interdimensional?

Whitley: The great problem is language. We have not evolved the language to correctly and accurately describe the visitors and therefore, ourselves. Quantum mechanics directionally suggest the kind of linguistic INdeterminism that will be involved in accurate description. ET. Interdimensional. These are concretizing words, which only make the task of SEEING harder.

Rick Adams: Pete's question kinda relates on to mine...How does the "physical" spaceship et's correlate to the interdimentional (DREAMLIKE) et's or terrestials?

Whitley: I have been in interdimensional situations that were NOT dreamlike, where I was there with somebody else. And the interdimensional/time travel/contact with the dead/alien business is all blended together. I have letters from people whose NDE's evolved into abductions. The point is, there is ONE experience behind all this, which is many experiences.

PJ: Lots of talk about different “types” of Inter-D's. Do you think this is guising, personal interpretation, or that there really ARE – as Pete sort of asked – “different ones?” *Two. Not bad. <grin> .

Whitley: I don't think that categorization helps. It is a blinding tool.

westbrook: 1. Do these people have a name and 2. Do they perform abductions?

Whitley: Why not just break free from benevolent/evil, ET/earthling, interdimensional/ physical constructs. And a name? Do you really have a name? What was your name when you were in your mother's womb?

Pete (Moderator): Lumir is with me here and wants to know what your opinion is of aliens in a human “skin” or body. Follow-up westbrook first?
westbrook: Do they perform abductions?

Whitley: I suspect that human beings from other worlds in the physical universe come here. Or maybe I've met people who have som
Whitley: Oops. That got away unfinished. As far as abductions are concerned, I don't know what that is? It's a set of beliefs that we've built up around some sort of experience. But the beliefs filter the experience so we don't know what's happening, not really. Just that it's hard.

Bert: Whitley, I sense that John Mack thinks similarly to you. Do you have any feelings about whether he's on the right path? Have your read his book?

Whitley: My problem with Mack is that I fear the consequences of hypnosis, that it may impose structure on the experience that isn't really native to it.

Rick Adams: I had mentioned “dreamlike,” maybe druglike would have been more correct a description. Do you think these visitors are the age old angles or do you think the “physical” other worls et's are related? Angels...sorry

Whitley: Could there be a drug that compels one to perceive only what is true? I wonder. We haven't really gone very far into the use of drugs, in general. Why has nature put all these extraordinary substances into the living world? Are there tools of interdimensional communication even now falling to the bulldozers of the rain forest?

Llew A. Wykel: Do you have any information or suspicion that these beings might be our “creators” – not God but somehow involved in our creation as we exist today? As opposed to them being merely another aspect of ourselves?

Whitley: I suspect that it would be very hard to tell demons from angels. A demon would reveal hell to us, and be a very terrible thing to see. But wouldn't an angel, if truly good, reveal ourselves to us? And wouldn't that be very hard to see, also? Almost, but not quite, a vision of hell?

Rilla/Sysop: Whitley...when you mentioned the Rainforest, are you familiar with Terence and Dennis McKenna's work?

Whitley: And “merely” is not a good word to characterize such a grand thing as another aspect of a human being. McKenna's work, yes. But never took the drugs.

Pete (Moderator): Has anyone an experience to tell Whitley about involving another reality?

Whitley: I am about ready to go. It's been great fun!

PJ: Whitley, do you think that the effects of the experience with these “entities” (whoever they may be) are affecting us *physically*? Have the feeling it's some sort of restructuring of possibly even DNA... or at the very least, something close to what many religions would call “evolvement.” ?

Pete (Moderator): Thanks for being here Whitley, if you can answer Pj – Great. We've all enjoyed this conversation. Whitley.

Whitley: Mixed bag. Physical effects on me – terrible allergies accompanied by wonderful new abilities, such as the ability to leave the body, to enter other realities, to move through time. Strange effects on electronic instruments. Sleep problems. Emotional upheavals. And a great upwelling of hope. Thanks for having me.

Pete (Moderator): Let's all add in our farewell comments to a great writer and thank him ! Looking forward to Beyond Communion!
Rilla/Sysop: Thanks Whitley!!!!! <applause!!>
PJ: Thanks Whitley and best of luck in your research. We may meet again one day.
Rick Adams: GThanks .
Bob M.: Yea, Thanx for chatting with us, Whitley
Llew A. Wykel: Thank you very much Whitley.
Pete (Moderator): Come back to the forum anytime. It's less stressful than CO!
Rilla/Sysop: This was a wonderful co!!
Bob P./UFOLOGY: Thanks much WS – good luck for the future to you!
Bob M.: I really enjoyed.....c-ya later

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