Strieber Cabin II
Cabin formerly owned by the Strieber family
as seen on SIGHTINGS.

Please note that this is not the cabin at which Whitley Strieber had his original Communion experiences, but rather is the second cabin owned by the Striebers. A friend of Whitley Strieber's commented in public that she had been to “both the original and the newer cabin that Whitley and Anne had built from the ground up.” In a new preface written for the 2008 edition of Communion, Whitley finally clarified that there were indeed two cabins. “In the eleven years that we lived in the tiny community in upstate New York where the encounters took place,” Strieber wrote, “many people who came to one or the other of the two cabins we had there encountered the visitors in various ways, also. It was not a result of some sort of psychological or physical disorder. The encounters were real, they were extensive, and they were gloriously illuminating to everyone who had one.”


New York country cabin

ceiling mantle

rear of cabin

a walk in the woods

Strieber Cabin 1995
as seen on SIGHTINGS
during the Breakthrough tour.
Please be advised the Striebers no longer own this cabin.
Please respect private property.