Strieber Property and 'Communion' Cabin
images from Report on Communion, April 1989

Property in the New York countryside at which Whitley Strieber had his original Communion experiences.

Above, a panorama of the cabin and the rarely seen backyard, taken from video footage April 1989.

Whitley and Andrew Strieber depart cabin

Whitley and Andrew cross foot bridge

The stone circle laid out by Whitley in the spot in the woods where he was taken

Above, a rarely seen reverse-angle
of the cabin.

The octagonal window seen on the right can be seen through the doorway of the master bedroom.... so.


Dining and living area. Guests include Raven Dana and Ed Conroy.

Kitchen and dining area.

Whitley recounts an evening when a small pod-like transport landed on his pool deck

Please be advised the Striebers no longer own this cabin.
Please respect private property.