Correspondence from Whitley Strieber to ____, circa Dec 28, 1994 (public posting)
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Re: Physical Reality

I'd be glad to be in touch with him.

I'm interested to hear that you were in a Communion Group. I intentionally broke off contact with them because of the fact that the press was trying to say the whole thing was a cult. I have no idea if they're still going.

Perhaps I might also expand a little on what has been happening over the nine years. What I have essentially been doing is attempting a communication that would establish the degree to which the visitors were a separate physical reality from us, and to determine what they were actually doing or – if 'they' were us – what we were doing to ourselves.

In 1989 I was handed a very elegant proof that they were, in some sense, real. However, it and all else that emerged suggests that they are not only physically present, they have an incredibly detailed and intimate connection to us, one so profound as to make it impossible to find a clear dividing line between 'us' and 'them.'

I decided that the best thing to do was to try to determine what they were actually engaged in, rather than address the question of who they were directly. I set up very specific criteria: I would not respond to anything they did that emerged out of my dream life, or happened when I was alone. There had to be witnesses, and we had to be awake.

The results are: I was taken by them to the home of friends and was able to observe them engaged in what would normally be taken as an 'abduction' sequence. Over the next few years, I followed the results of this contact in the life of the family involved.

With another witness present, I went either into another dimension or forward in time, I don't know which, but it was a physical experience.

A group of witnesses had an encounter with a visitor at my cabin and were able to touch him, then observe him move through a series of different physical states, including complete invisibility.

With a close friend who was dying, I had a face-to-face exchange with a visitor, and was then able to participate in the process of his dying from within his mind.

_____, these were profound and unprecedented experiences. They have completely overturned my sense of the real. I have also had numerous extraordinary events happen while I was alone. These include movements backward in time, and a two-year period during which I meditated with a visitor nightly for as long as six months at a stretch, and became, to a small extent, a shared mind with him.

Still, though, I don't know what they are!

However, I do know why this is. It is because they possess a dimension of mind that enables them to address physical reality as a plastic, and enables them to see it from outside of time. Their message is actually quite clear: we can reach this also. The reason that I cannot articulate what they are is the same one that would prevent a two dimensional creature--the proverbial flatlander--from describing a solid object except in terms of the lines it presented as it moved through his plane.

I have discovered that there appears to be a very broad extension of the physical world that includes the aspect of being we have intuited as the soul. My impression is that the most fundamental forms of the real emerge here. I also feel that there is--or must be--a sort of hyperphysics to describe movement in this context. This post-quantum physics, for example, would include time as a physical dimension of objects, and they would be perceived physically with this dimension.

Understanding all this as part of the physical, identifiable and eventually measurable world has been essential to my work with the visitors. I am not interested in dreams and superstitions. We have thus addressed this realm for years, and it's enough. ~

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