Japanese edition of

Note that like most Japanese books, the front cover is where the “back” would be on an English book, and they are read from right to left. Although the book is a paperback it has a dust jacket (standard for Japanese releases).

Revelation From Space: The Record of an Alien Encounter
(“Uchuu Kara No Keiji: Isei-jin Souguu Kiroku”) Fusosha, 1995
Translated by Narita Chikako
(family name, then given name)
The subtitle (which on the Japanese edition of Communion reads “The Full Record of an Alien Encounter”) appears again on Transformation but they sensibly dropped the “Full” since the story continues.

          front cover (above);
                                                  back cover (below)

Thanks to Preston Nevins of Nishinomiya, Japan
for these covers and publication information.