Strieber Property and 'Communion' Cabin
images from television circa 1987/88

Property in the New York countryside at which Whitley Strieber had his original Communion experiences.

Above, a panorama of the cabin and grounds, taken from video footage circa 1987/88 (please note that the camera was rotating, causing wide angle distortion that creates an impression of a more expansive space than what actually exists. In real life, the birdhouse in the tree on the left would likely be closer to or even parallel to the fence).

bedroombedroom closetview from bedroom doorway
Livingroom; a very clean study; ibid; second floor bedroom with alarm panel on wall; second floor bedroom closet; octagonal livingroom window/skylight as seen through second floor bedroom doorway.

A circular clearing was described as the place to which Whitley Strieber was taken in the middle of the night. This video implied that this was the clearing he described.

The location of the cabin has been kept private. The above satellite image may contain the cabin (though where precisely is another question); the location was deduced from descriptions that have been given, particularly certain highways and the description of the particular street the cabin was on as being “a co-op road.” (The photo above pictures a residential development on a private road). In any case the image is representative of the kind of woodlands one can expect to find in the New York countryside.


“I've often thought that the theater in the sky (all the UFOs) is intended to make us look up. But what if we're gazing in the wrong direction? ...A lot of things happened at our old cabin that seemed to involve the underground. We used to hear tunneling. Once a neighbor was talking to me about our co-oped road and we were hearing this deep, vibrating whine coming from under the house. Suddenly, blood started pouring in a stream out of his forehead. Anne took care of him and he went home. But the sound went on. Another time, I found a tunnel back in the woods that I was never able to find again. And in our letters, there are a fair number saying the vistors came out of tunnels or caves. 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' But I wonder, if perhaps, the greater wonders are in earth? I truly do not know the answer. But I most certainly wonder...”
—Whitley Strieber, 11 January 2004

Please be advised the Striebers no longer own this cabin.
Please respect private property.