The Key by Whitley Strieber

The Key

Whitley Strieber

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The Key
(Self-published trade paperback, January 2001)
“In June of 1998, I met [a man] in a hotel room in Toronto, who taught me some of the most phenomenal and wonderful things I have ever known... I've been working ever since on a book about this conversation. It's called The Key, because that's what he offered – a stunningly powerful and useful key.” – Whitley Strieber, on Whitley's World Message Board 11 Oct 2000

From the publisher:

At three o'clock in the morning of June 6, 1998, Whitley Strieber was awakened by somebody knocking on his hotel room door. A man came in, and everything he said was new.

From author Whitley Strieber comes this provocative transcription of a conversation he had in a Toronto hotel room in the spring of 1998, with a man he has described as “the most brilliant person I have ever met”.

With fresh insight into the nature of the universe and the soul of humanity, this Master offers us the Key to our ultimate destiny as co-creators with and companions of God.

Words of the Master of the Key:  “Mankind is trapped. I want to help you spring the trap.” . . . “The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard.” . . . “Your destiny, each of you, is to become all of God.”


A written account of the much-discussed June 1998 Toronto event has at last been presented. In August 2000 Whitley Strieber informed this website that he was thinking about writing this book, and in September he announced he had started writing it. In late October he stated that he had finished most of the book and was about to write an introduction and some notes. The Key was not released through a traditional publisher, but rather was self-published and made available via Whitley's World website in January 2001. The first 2000 copies were going to be signed by the author but because so many orders came in the moment the book became available, Whitley was unable to sign as many as he had planned. The exact count of the signed edition is uncertain (less than 2000 but no fewer than 1701). Whitley announced on Dreamland that he signed over 1000 copies before he stressed his hand.

The Key
© 2001 Walker & Collier
Cover Illustration by Louis Steiner
The Key was self-published through Whitley Strieber's company, Walker & Collier.
Printing of the book was performed by Whitehall Printing Co., Naples, Florida.