Whitley Strieber Interviewed by Kirk Montgomery
9News Colorado
August 9, 2001 (recorded the 8th)

I had the pleasure of sitting down with author Whitley Strieber about his new book The Last Vampire - This is the long awaited sequel to his 1981 Best Seller The Hunger. It's the continuing story of Miram Blaylock the ageless, sexy vampire.
     The Hunger was turned into a movie in 1983. It starred Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon, and David Bowie and has become a cult classic. In The Last Vampire Miriam's entire existence is in peril as a mysterious Vampire Hunter threatens to put an end to the entire race of Vampires. I loved the first book and the sequel is great as well. Whitley told me he deliberately did not re-read The Hunger for this book. He wanted it to be fresh. He admits to having a big crush on his character and wanted to continue with her story.
     This book is a great read even if you've never read the first one. Its fast paced and a great mystery. Plus, check out the
cool website. This book is already being turned into a major motion picture.


Whitley Strieber Interviewed
by Kirk Montgomery
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