Strieber's 'Grays' bound for film

© 2005 Susan Yerkes
San Antonio Express-News
November 30, 2005

The Grays are coming.
     Whitley Strieber, the San Antonio-born author of Communion and other eerie stories, is behind the advent of the Grays — one name often applied to elusive visitors from other worlds.
     Strieber and his wife, Anne, just took a short time out from their busy lives in La-La Land to visit hometown friends here. And they brought big news.
     Sony Pictures is currently developing Whitley's Grays as a major movie. Cary Brokaw and former Sony Pictures chairman John Calley are on board as producers, and Variety reports that Sony's paying screenwriter Ken Nolan, who penned the Black Hawk Down script, a stunning $3 million to script this pic.
     This could be the biggest deal ever for Whitley, whose past successes include the cult classic The Hunger with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, The Coming Global Superstorm and the movie derived from it, the blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow.
     At a cozy Sunday night supper at Cathy Cooke's Terrell Hills home, Whitley and Anne shared Hollywood war stories and future plans with friends including Linda Pace, Dora Ruffner and Al Gomez, Mark and Sandy Lane and Dr. Chris and Lisa Kopecky.
     Stay tuned for thrills and chills and Grays.

While Whitley polishes his chilling tales, Anne is carving out a place in the literary world with her own compelling stories. Last year, she published An Invisible Woman, and her new serial-killer story Little Town Lies, is winning high praise.
     Earlier this week, Anne signed copies of Little Town Lies at the Twig Book Shop in Alamo Heights, not far from Whitley's childhood home. Small world; big, strange universe. ~