...a movie for Sony based on my book The Grays...

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Saturday, November 19, 2005 - 7:22 am
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I am producing a movie for Sony based on my book The Grays, along with John Calley and Cary Brokaw. The book will be out next August, the film later. We are working on the script now with a very talented screenwriter, Ken Nolan, who wrote Black Hawk Down.
     The Grays is a novel, a work of fiction. But it also describes in greater detail than I ever could in a book of fact how it actually feels to communicate with the grays.
     In about 1989, I became very depressed about how I was being received with the Communion story. I was not being believed and people were making a lot of frightened jokes. By then, though, I had entered what would be an 11 year relationship with the grays. They were a very big and intimate part of my life.
     I got to know them well, some of them especially so. About then, I wrote Majestic, a novel that told off the record what I had been told by my uncle Mickey and his commanding Art Exon about the incident. Also by another gent I can't name, but who you can easily figure out from reading the book.
     The Grays is a portrait of how it feels to be in relationship with these beings. Part of it. I'm going to go on with this, writing a second novel.
     Ironic that fiction turns out to be by far the best way to communicate about this. People can read without needing to believe anything. This means that their mind are more open. And witnesses who are in ongoing relationships with the grays are going to be able to use the book to see how one guy made some communications breakthroughs that worked.
     I have had the experience of having a gray lie on my chest for hours. During that time, he never moved a muscle. From time to time, I would kiss the top of his head. We stayed like that through the long reaches of the night. I remember the intimacy and communion of that time very fondly.
     His bald head smelled like human skin, by the way.
     Our cats were present. One of them left the room when he appeared. The other sat, stock still, at the foot of the bed watching us the entire time. Never moved an inch.
     Once, I moved my hand over to try to wake Anne up, but he gently drew my arm back, and I got the thought that he would have to leave if that happened.
     Anne has played such a hard, hard role in this--never getting to see a thing. But her tremendous mind is too strong for her to disbelieve my stories. Also, she had personally read 350,000--or is it 500,00--letters from abductees. Her role has been to use that great mind of hers to evolve questions, and keep me in question.
     Of this experience, she would say, "yes, but do you know what he was?" My answer would be that the truth is, I do not.
     From him, I got the strong feeling that he was my son. ~