The Conversion of Whitley
"Creating energetic body is craft based on science"

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May 2005

Rare are the people who never heard about Whitley *Strieber*. He is perhaps the most notorious writer on the subject of the abduction phenomenon. Strieber is also an ambiguous man: beside the fact that he described with many explicit details the emotional and physical pain he endured during the abductions "procedures", he also stresses the fact that alien encounters could become some kind of spiritual enlightment. Devils or angels, benevolent creatures or abusers; with Whitley Strieber we never know what he deeply thinks about those alien beings. In an exclusive interview for Karmapolis, he will try to give us some more explanations.

*Karmatoo : Most of the researchers looking into the abduction phenomenon seem to be unanimous about its extraterrestrial origin. Since the eighties, which are the starting point of your relationship with the "visitors", you have expressed various speculative hypotheses to explain your experience with the Grays. Twenty years later, do you have a new understanding about this special night of 26 December 1985, when you became aware of your abductee condition? *

*Whitley Strieber :* I don't think that language has yet evolved to describe why we see the phenomenon as we do. Even if it involves, in the end, nothing more esoteric than creatures who have evolved elsewhere in the universe, the array of phenomena that accompanies our interaction with them remains unexplained. To proceed toward an explanation, it may be that scientific method can be helpful, but that remains to be seen. Certainly, a proper study of a representative sample of close encounter witnesses would help. Such a study would involve physical and psychological aspects, as well as careful forensic study. I doubt that we are presently able to construct a meaningful picture of our "visitors" as they actually exist, but we can certainly determine, in an objective manner, what has physically and mentally happened to people who claim to have been involved with them.

*Karmatoo : What are the motives that drove you to publicly reveal your alien encounters and what is the price you had to pay? *

W.S.: I thought the whole affair was quite interesting and important, not because I had any certainty about what it was, but because I knew what it was not: it was not a known phenomenon of any kind. To my mind, that makes it important, and makes study and research essential. Instead, here in the US , we got many insecure intellectuals rejecting it because they feared the idea of an unknown presence that was more accomplished intellectually than they were. Scientists dared not address it because the National Academy of Sciences has taken the position that UFOs are not worth scientific study, But why not? At the least, they and the aliens that come with them are a psychological and social phenomenon, so they should be studied at least by these disciplines. But they are not. I believe that even appropriate scientific response is intentionally suppressed. I don't know why, but I do have a guess.

My guess is that whatever is out there, be they aliens or something perhaps quite different, are in control of everything that happens relating to them and their presence here. Our society ignores them because they have orchestrated it to happen this way. As to motive, D.B.H. Kuiper and M. Morris offered an interesting speculation in Science Magazine in April of 1977, when they suggested that anybody capable of travelling the vast distances between the stars would be so richly informed that the one thing we could offer them of value would be innovation. But, if they revealed themselves to us, our entire culture would immediately refocus toward them and all new and original human thought would end, just as happened in the past when materially robust western cultures came into contact with primitive societies. If you want to see why our visitors keep themselves hidden, go to American Samoa and observed the empty, disempowered Samoan culture, of no interest to anybody. The visitors hide both out of their need and ours. They need what we have to offer that is new, and they cannot get it if they reveal themselves. We need them to hide, or we risk a shattering disempowerment from which we will never recover.

*Karmatoo : According to some projections several hundred thousands to one million people have been abducted, just in the United States . You yourself have received more than 150.000 letters reporting alien encounters. The operational scale of the phenomenon appears to exclude the hypothesis that the aliens are just studying people. So, what are they actually doing? *

W.S.: I received half a million letters. Whatever is happening is certainly not some sort of study by alien scientists. It is, rather, as deep a penetration into the human species, I think, as can be made. In my personal life, it affected me mentally, physically, even?and perhaps most profoundly?spiritually. It completely revised my world view, throwing into question every single certainty that I had. I am no longer sure that we are even close to knowing the true history of the human race; I do not think we understand how the human body works except on a gross and largely irrelevant level; I have seen with my own eyes that there is such a thing as conscious energy, but I do not know if that means that human beings have a soul; I have moved both backwards in time and into other places that appear to be in some way occupying the same space as we do. In fact, I have become unstuck in reality, and in order to remain sane, I have learned that the question is everything. As long as I embrace the question, I can go anywhere and do anything, no matter how impossible it once seemed, or how badly it fits my expectations and assumptions about what is real.

*Karmatoo : Some people refer to the aliens as "intruders"; you call them "visitors". Why? *

W.S.: Because I don't think it's time to make a decision about this. "Intruders" says that we know something about their motives; "visitors" simply that they are here. On the night of December 26, 1985 , I was raped with a device commonly used in animal husbandry called an electrostimulator. This device is inserted into the rectum and conducts a small electrical current into the area of the prostate that causes erection and ejaculation. My ejaculate was taken. I was badly injured and my doctor felt on examining me that I had been raped. Obviously, I was attacked by "intruders." But why? If we were desperate to save the human species and needed genetic material from a species on another world who, we feared, would not understand our need and would resist giving it to us, we would not only take it, we would feel morally justified in doing so.

After this initial rough encounter, I spent eleven years in the most complex possible relationship with the visitors and many people connected with them. I have written only a little about this, because I decided that the culture was not ready for my story, given that I was attacked on so many different levels, misrepresented, lied about by U.S. government agents, and laughed at. The "rectal probe" became a cliché of modern humor.

I do not feel that this cultural reaction was appropriate or useful, and I have therefore kept most of my experience, and in particular the powers I have gained, to myself, and will continue to do so.

*Karmatoo : It seems that there is a great deal of similarity between alien abduction and altered states experiences like ghostly visitations, out of body experience, levitation, near death experience, lucid dreams, etc. What make the distinction between true extraterrestrial abductions and altered states? *

W.S.: This is all connected, because "seeing" at this level is a matter of opening one's eyes – or having them opened – in such a way that conscious energy that is independent of physical life can be observed. You soon discover, incidentally, that human beings have the potential to weave, as it were, energetic being that will live in this state. Most do not and cannot engage in this hidden craft of the soul. Instead, they are duped into an elaborate tissue of lies that range from the secular to the religious. It is not a matter of praying to old gods or retreating into the assumption either that only the physical exists or that whatever happens after death will be for nature to decide. Creating an energetic body is craft based on science. You are lucky in Europe because the best machines ever devised for doing this dot the landscape in the form of gothic cathedrals. They are not "Catholic churches." The Catholic Church has simply paid for and maintained them. Proper use of these instruments can engage the engine that the whole universe wishes us to start, which is the creation of a conscious energy devised upon the form of our individual body and vibrating with its essence.

Many in this world die without making souls. This is why this civilisation, itself, will die. It costs the earth more than it's worth in results.

*Karmatoo : Have you collected some physical evidences about the UFO/abduction phenomenon? If yes, what was the response of the scientists' community? *

W.S.: Implants have been harvested from patients. The harvests have been carefully recorded. There is no scientific interest whatsoever.

*Karmatoo : UFO sightings and abductions: are these parts of the same experience, the same process? *

W.S.: There is certainly a connection. It developed, for example, that many UFOs were seen in the area of my cabin in upstate New York during the months before my abductions. Similarly, in the Corinna Saebels case in British Columbia in 2003, not only were three "ufos" seen by the two people who were abducted, they were seen by people all over the area. It is important to understand, though, that UFOs come in many different varieties. Please forget the idea of "ships," etc. It's useless thinking. Better to approach the whole matter as an open question about the nature of reality and the means that we have of perceiving phenomena. For instance, three ?UFOs? in triangular formation were seen by Mrs. Saebels and by many other witnesses in British Columbia on the night she and her friend were abducted.

These were not "ships" but beings whose science has long since enabled them to take forms as needed by their circumstances. They do not fly around in little machines at all. They are the craft that we see, also the "aliens" that we think of as coming out of these craft.

I have recently finished a book that is written, to some degree, from the viewpoint of these people called "the grays" of whom I have become a part, in a certain sense, as I have parts of my soul woven into a form that enables it to participate in them. If there can be an analogy in this world of ours, think of an antenna of a certain length that enables it to pick up signals of the same length. To say that I am therefore "controlled" by them is to try to explain my situation in the same way that a man with no knowledge of radio might try to explain why a box speaks. It's useless to even try to draw this material down into the languages of a world which is so very far from knowledge of the principles involved. I know that these statements will trigger ego-reactions and fear-reactions of various kinds, all signs of the weakness of the present human culture, and more reason that it will die.

*Karmatoo : Is it possible to prevent an alien abduction? Is it possible to say "no"? How could you protect your mind, your psychological and spiritual integrity? *

W.S.: This question is asked from deep ignorance. I have no way to respond to it, beyond saying that it is as profoundly meaningless as a question a dog might ask about whether or not a given fireplug is "good" or "bad" based on the way it smells. It is no more possible for man to prevent the action now being undertaken here than it would be for a baby to prevent its nanny from bathing it. The baby will cry, but the bath will proceed.

*Karmatoo : What is your opinion of the television series /Taken/, a genuine false documentary produced by Steven Spielberg that explains the abduction phenomenon like a necessary evil, an hybridization of our mankind to create an higher race? According to you, is it information or disinformation? *

W.S.: It's meaningless. Probably comes from some of the US government people who work on the phenomenon. Their octave failed at the first note that was sounded. Everything that they have bled into the community is without value. All of it. Understand this clearly: nothing whatsoever that has ever been said about the phenomenon has any value at all, any more than anything chimpanzees might communicate to one another about guns or hairspray or books has any value whatsoever in any context that resonates beyond the level of chimpanzee reality. However, it is nevertheless quite possible to sound not only a single note, but many notes, in fact to compose a whole symphony of being while in the human form, and even limited by the electrochemical structure of human bodies and the slow, "hard-wired" synaptic arrangement we call a "brain," which is actually a plug that plugs a sensation-detector we call a "body" into a much larger and more complex being that is, for reasons of its own, presently engaging in sensation-gathering in this level of reality. Humanity is merely an incident in this process.

*Karma One : Do you think like Alex Constantine, Jim Keith and Dr. Hammond that the alien abductions are related to the mind control and ritual abuse phenomenon? *

W.S.: They are definitely related, in this sense: all fear is connected to all other fear. However, it is also true that mind control is possible and sexual abuse of children is endemic. Even thinking about them, however, reduces one's potential. Engaging in such things as controlling the minds of others, abusing children, abusing power, acting cruelly, ignoring the impulses of compassion, indulging greed?all of it, is a statement. The statement is, "this human form will not proceed further than the physical." To grow, it is essential to find one's courage and one's compassion. Indulging the dark side is not embracing the darkness in a productive manner, it is allowing oneself to be captured by it. Indulging fear is just as damaging as doing actual evil, in the sense that it reduces the overall potential of the biological entity just as much.

*Karmatoo : In 1999, the COMETA organization (a mouthpiece for the Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale - Advanced National Defence Studies) released an informal study about the UFO phenomenon and the national defence in France . Although the report had its weaknesses: the lack of argumentation and the unofficial representation, it was the first time that former high-ranking members of the French administration and the army openly suggested that the United States is concealing the extraterrestrial reality of the UFO phenomenon in order to gain an economic and military supremacy. What do you think about this scenario? *

W.S.: There is a lot of interest in French culture and language because there is potential to understand that is greater than elsewhere. The language is especially useful because of its ability to construct ambiguities, which is also why French intellectualism is so highly developed. The culture seems a little more open, also, and less bellicose than the Anglo-Saxon ones. I am speaking from the standpoint of those on the outside trying to understand how it might be possible to "contact? man, who have the same problem an elephant would have attempting to contact an ant: there is an enormous problem of scale. And yet, we can see that human beings and dogs work well together because we have found ways of entering one another's vision of what is real in ways that are mutually satisfying? and yet, which, to each species, have entirely different meanings.

Man, however, is different from the dog, in that there is a lot of potential rewiring possible. The dog is fixed, in the sense that he has only two "brains," physical and emotional. The cognitive part is vestigial. This is not true of man. Man has a somewhat more developed cognitive area, and thus the potential to become a full member of the cosmos. The COMETA report was of interest because it represented the fact that some French were attempting to approach the matter rationally.

*Karmatoo : You did a lot of research in your writing of "Majestic", a novel about the Roswell incident. Regarding this event, you state that your uncle, Col. Edward Strieber, who had spent much of his career at Wright-Patterson AFB, had first-hand information about the delivery of alien materials to Wright Field from the Roswell Army Air Base in the summer of 1947. Well, it's an amazing coincidence, don't you think? Could you tell us more? *

W.S.: He spent his early career at Wright field. Mostly, his career remains classified. It was not a coincidence that we were both involved.

*Karmatoo : What do you think about the blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow", the screen adaptation of your book "The Coming Global Superstorm" written in collaboration with Art Bell? Do you think that this kind of movie had any ability to influence the environmental strategy of the United States or even to induce an awakening? What I mean is that, from a European point of view, this movie looks more like a sci-fi movie than a politically-committed one. *

W.S.: I attempted to sound a note in a very disturbed octave. The note is off, because the octave is not properly tuned. But the note was correctly sounded. Even the science of the movie is quite correct.

*Karmatoo : You said that it was a mystical experience, a peculiar meeting in a hotel in Toronto with a strange man that drove you to write the book "The Coming Global Superstorm". Who is this man*

W.S.: The Master of the Key? who is he? A good question.

*Karmatoo : According to you, this event seems to be unavoidable. What kind of challenge are we facing with the global superstorm? *

W.S.: Environmental breakdown at the most profound level is inevitable. Will it be a return to an ice age or something else? No way to be sure, but the superstorm is one quite valid scenario. In any case, no matter what transpires, in some way the human species will experience a significant dieback in coming years.



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