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UFO Author Whitley Strieber Talks About His Incredible Experiences

WS: ...In April of '77, two scientists got together and published in "Science" magazine, a description of what it would be like if aliens actually were here. If an alien species, that was reasonably ethical, came here, these scientists concluded that they would be extremely secretive for the same reason that we are secretive when we discuss lost tribes. They would want to study us as we actually are. The most important thing we could offer them would be the new - new ideas, new experiences. As soon as we know about them, everything in our culture would be directed toward them. Observing us in a spontaneous way would be lost. It could very well be that they could use technology like implants to penetrate deeply into our culture, and it might be that the people who have these objects are being watched or what's more likely, the world's being watched through them.

Q: Could you pose any kind of threat to these beings by talking about them so openly?

WS: I think it's clear from the way our society has been gradually getting more and more used to the idea of their presence, that one thing they are doing is acclimatizing us to them. I think this is leading to a point where there is some kind of open contact or open awareness of their presence here.

I know another writer who had a similar experience to mine in 1983, just a couple of years before mine happened. This writer did not write about his experiences. Apparently, the visitors were casting around looking for someone who would write about it, I would think. I think the visitors made a relatively careful choice in the sense that people can listen to my sincerity and entertain the notion that this is true, but if they are uncomfortable with it, they can say, "Oh, he was just a novelist, so this must be a form of literary hoax," and then can not entertain it. If someone, a scientist of stature, had ended up in my position and been writing about it, everyone would be forced to believe it. But with somebody like me, you can keep it in question if you want to. You can entertain it or not.


Interview with Whitley Strieber:
UFO Author Whitley Strieber Talks About His Incredible Experiences
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