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Compuserve, May 7th, 1998, 9:47 PM

Whitley Strieber : CONFIRMATION is the result of all the research and work I've done for the past several years to come up with hard evidence (that) the close encounter eperience and UFO experience is real. First question?

MaryK/MODERATOR: Greg, ga (go ahead)
GregJones: Softball – what is the evidence, Whitley?

Whitley : Well, obviously it's a 300 page book, but it falls into three areas. UFO video, the testimony of a quarter million people and implants that have been removed from the bodies of 7 or 8 people. In addition there is an interview in the book with a monsigneur from the vatican who discusses his personal opinion about the phenomena. Next?

JimR: I've seen some quotes from your work referencing a similarity with demonic contact. Have you reached any personal conclusions regarding the possibility that these are evil spirits?

Whitley : I'm not ready to reach personal conclusions about anything, but the monsigneur who is an exorcist and an expert on demonology is of the opinion that these are not demons. Next?

JohnS{SL5}: In Confirmation you write “that the visitors are lookiung for a fight – but a strange one” what do you think of the deprressing invasion scenarios of David Jacobs?

Whitley : Those scenarios fit that theory surprisingly well. It's quite possible that a contact that ultimately has a positve outcome would at first seem very negative. Almost as if we were being tested. And if we break the consequence will be that the visitors will simply leave. If we don't I think a new world is probably on offer. Next?

Joy: Do you feel that an open landing is in the near future?

Whitley : I doubt that it will happen that way. If we come into direct contact with the visitors it will be because we learn how to go to them. the key to this whole thing is closing a certain gap, enough to make a spark. We have to make that move. Next?

Ann{ExecSYSOP}: Thanks for coming tonight Whitley. Regarding the implants, I'm assuming you're referring to the Sims/Leir project. What evidence exists that these materials are alien in nature and have the results been peer reviewed or published yet? If so, where? Thanks and ga.

Whitley : I'm not only referrring to the Lier work, but also work that has been done elsewhere that is first being reported in my book. It's way to early for there to be any publication on the subject. The issue with the Leir implants is not whether or not they contain the “alien mateirals” smoking gun but why they were found in these people at all. The other implant discussed in the book is much closer to a smoking gun. Next?

Ann{ExecSYSOP}: Thanks Whitley. I'll check it out.<g>
Cybroid: Hi Whitley. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is absolutely certain, how certain are you that Grays exist?

Whitley : Give that about a four. next?

Kaths/TRACKER: Thanks for coming tonight, Whitley. Has there been any progress in getting purely scientific investigations started on the abduction phenomenom?

Whitley : Scientific investigation on the abduction phenomenon is going to start with anaysis of brain function during artifiicially induced periods of encounter recall. This is discussed in CONFIRMATION. Next?

Skippy: In reference to you saying we have to close a certain if we have to make the next move, where do we go from here? It feels like you're saying we're in some kind of cosmic test, and we weren't given a users manual. What exactly is it that we should be seeking, and how will we know that we're on the right track?

Whitley : All intelligence is our user's manual. Human culture and human science are our tools. Probably at this point the most productive thing that we can do are two – one is to correctly dimensionalize the close encounter experience by determining exactly what is happening to people and what the implants do... the second thing is develop new means of propulsion that will enable us to travel as freely as the visitors do. Both of these objectives are possible and within the reach of science in the reasonably near future. Next?

JimR: Do you have any insights into the motivations behind the kind of genital and anal probes reported by some abductees?

Whitley : It's not time to draw conclusions about motivation,. What we need to do is to respond in as meaningful a way to the information at hand as we can, in order to build a rational basis of understanding. This does not presently exist, due to the lack of scientific interest in this field and its general rejection by the intellectual culture. Next?

GregJones: Whitley – I was slightly stunned by the “4” on the gray scale answer before. Can you expand? So many people have come to believe in the phenomena thru your writings.

Whitley : Believing that something strange and unexplainable is happening is one thing. Drawing conclusions about the origin and nature of the visitors is another. It's very tempting to assume that if it looks like a fish it's a fish, and I've gone down that path, but as this becomes more concrete I think we need to start asking more questions ourselves, not less... and the first thing we must do is question all the assumptions we've gotten used to. I include myself in this group. next?

Skippy: Roger Leir stated at the 1996 MUFON Symposium that he would have the results of his analysis of the first 3 implants published in a scientific journal in some number of months. It's now been 2 years. Why is it too early for there to be results yet? What has changed in that timeframe?

Whitley : Nothing has changed. Science has remained as hostile to this as it was before, if not more so. Roger was exessively optimaistic because of his innocence. The work he did was excellent, and there are results posted on the National Isttitute for Discovery Sciences Website. Next?

Joy: Do they have anything to do with the cattle mutalations?

Whitley : When I was about 10 years old, I saw a mutilated cow. I have never seen anything so bizarre, and neither had anyone else who was involved in that incident on a range in South Texas. Whether or not it is connected to the close encounter phenomenon, it is something that it would be good to find out. I cannot answer the question more fully than that. Next question?

Ed: What is the purpose of breeding more and more human-like hybrids?

Whitley : It seems clear that human sexual mateiral is heavily involved in the close encounter phenomenon.... if we were visiting a species on another planet, we would certainly be interested in sampling their genetic content. Whether that content is also being manipulated is something we probably CAN find out, and we very much need to do so. Next?

Kaths/TRACKER: Do you know how many alien cultures are currently operating on Earth? And if there is more than one, is there one culture turning out to be the dominant one?

Whitley : This question assumes that we know a lot of answers that we don't know. We're not far enough along to address a question like that except as speculation. next?

Dante: I just bought your book Confirmation today. Have you read The Song of the Greys by Nigel Kerner, and – if so – how did you react to his ideas about bioengineered cloned invaders seeking souls? Also, what do you think of David Jacob's latest book Threat compared to your own findings?

Whitley : I haven't read Song of the Greys. I think that we need to procede very cautiously just in general, and I feel therefore that concerns about a possible threat should be taken seriously, but not at the expense of an attempt to empower ourselves in the context of the experience and gain from it whatever benefits we can. Next?

JimR: Whitley, do you have an opinion on the Aviary's claims that the US govt has entered into a type of agreement to disregard abductions among the population in exchange for technology information and survival?

Whitley : I have no idea how to answer that. Next?
Skippy: So far, it seems everything that can be pinned down isn't being done because of the 'hostile' attitude of scientists. I find that strange, working with scientists, since I seldom see that attitude. The scientific establishment, yes, but not individual scientists. Are you saying that there's a world-wide conspiracy to stop the distribution of any 'hard' evidence of alien visitation? This seems to be the only rational conclusion to draw, since 'hard' evidence is never quite available. Also, do you not feel this hostile attitude is actually quite deserved in so many of the cases, because of the fringe elements involved with UFO study?

Whitley : The fringe elements are powerful wherever there is a vaccuum of rational research. The problem is that without very substantial funding the difficult and exacting research that is necessary cannot be done. At present I know of no funding entities that can enable resarch on the scale necessary to result in publicaton in the peer-reviewed press... there is some evidence that that may be changing, but that has been true off and on for the past fifty years, and in every case, denial has won the day. Because in the end, even scientists who are interested and concerned fear the career damage that may result from demanding that the scientific culture pay attention to this problem. If there is conspiracy it is probably a cultural conspiracy, not an actual conscious one. next?

Cybroid: Another 1-10 question <g>. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is absolutely certain, how certain are you that you have an implant in your ear?

Whitley : That's a ten. I go into that in great detail in CONFIRMATION. In my opinon, that's verified. However, who put it in, how they did it, and what it's for all remain open quesitons.

GregJones: What new solid evidence do you introduce in CONFIRMATION, Whitley? And, (going for the 2fer cuz I have to go <g>) are you still experiencing?

Whitley : At the beginning of the conference I discussed the hard evidence that was introduced. The newest things involve some new implaint research, discussion of my own implaint, and discussion of Paul Hills UNCONVENTIONAL FLYING OBJECTS proves that Project Blue Book supressed key information... The last apparently physical close encounter I had was in october of 1996. Next?

GregJones: Thanks, Whitley.
Ed: What is your opinion of contacting visitors through meditation?

Whitley : During the height of my life in close encounter, meditation was extremely useful. Whether encounters can be induced through meditation by people who have never had them before is something I am less sure of, although testimony suggests that it is possible. next?

JohnS{SL5}What is you opinion of the comments by Boylan on the Balducci interview?

Whitley : I comment on that in detail on my website, What I don't understand is how Boylan was able to use phrases taken from the English translation of that interview before it was released. As far as I understand from what the monsigneur has told me and others, the material published about a papal commission and any official vatican involvement was in error. Next?

Joy: Do you know about the windows and certain times they open to let ufo's in from another dimension in the magnetic grid?
MaryK/MODERATOR: Joy, please go ahead
Joy: I already have the ? on the screen

Whitley : Got it.
Whitley : The question is based on assumptions that I have no way of addressing. Next?

Dante: In terms of the ET hypothesis and alternate explanations of origi temporal lobe epilepsy/lability fantasies - brain activity versus

Whitley : The experience has too many points of intersection with the physical world to be something other than essentially physical. I don't know what the nature of the visitors is – whether from some other planet or some entirely different way of being – but I do know that their relationship with us involves physical points of contact in the sense that we see UFOS, we have close encounters, multiple witnessed events being common as my wife and I point out in the Communion Letters, and we have physical side effects such as unexplained scars. Next?

Joy Barishi: Dont beleive in physical implants – but have had the morse sound code thing for years – intermitently. Have you Whitley?

Whitley : If someone said they had been shot and they were x-rayed, a bullet was found, and the bullet was removed and could be held in your hand, you would believe it was a bullet and that they had been shot. I have had that experience with implants and therefore believe they exist. Who put them there and why has not been answered by science in any way that is adequate given the extraordinary nature of what has happened. Next?

Annina L. Anton: Hi, Whitley...thanks for coming. Have the visitors ever given you reason to believe that they are aware that you write and are widely read about them? In short, do they give you feedback of sorts on your activities? Thanks.

Whitley : There was feedback in the early days. I asked the question “how am I doing” after the Communion tour. The answer was unintelligible. It has taken me many years to understand why that was true and to realize that it was done out of respect for me. I am more interested in their input than in any evaluation they may have of me. I'm concerned about the way human beings evaluate me, myself included. The visitors' evaluations, as far as I am concerned, are their own business. Next?

Annina L. Anton: Hmmm...thanks. :-)
Ed: What is your opinion on the Alien Autopsy film?

Whitley : I've never seen any solid evidence that that film is real. And the fact that no one has ever produced any 16 mil footage with image on it for date testing throws the whole thing into a permanent state of question. One more question?

Kaths/TRACKER: What is their ultimate goal on Earth?

Whitley : I have no way of answering that question. It's a question that science needs to answer, and it probably can do so, but in order to accomplsih that, the scientific community and the culture of science must first have the courage to face the fact that it has been a grave error to dismiss this.

SaraSmith{SL: Thank you Whitley

Whitley : In conclusion – I'd like to thank everyone for coming, and for what I regard as a really excellent and productive group of questions very thoghtfully presented. I hope my answers have been adequate. CONFIRMATION is the most important book I've ever published – maybe the first important book I've ever published and I hope it finds its target. I want to see our society in the mainstream, change its attitude about close encounter and the UFO experience

MaryK/MODERATOR: Thank you all for coming tonight and thank you, Whitley!
Kaths/TRACKER: Thank you for coming tonight, Whitley.

Whitley : This is potentially one of the most valuable sources of new ideas and technology presently availalbe to us. We need to exploit it to the fullest in every way we can.

SaraSmith{SL: Your other books were important too...
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