Communion: UK paperback edition

The first set of pictures is from an early Arrow paperback, ISBN 0-09-953420-7. Like the German paperback, this UK paperback displays the Ted Seth Jacobs illustration on the front cover without any text. The face of the visitor is embossed around the nose, lips and eyes. The title appears on the back cover. The back cover does a better job of reproducing the layout of the original American hardcover, albeit with a less classy font. Strangely, Communion picked up a second subtitle: Encounters with the Unknown.

 back cover (above)


 front cover (above)


inside front cover
(rear of embossed image is visible as shadow)

 heavy green leaf

 A paperback (sent to this website from Australia, but probably a UK edition) that touted the film version of Communion relocated the text to the front cover and added “The No.1 bestseller”

More recent paperback editions in the UK (like the one on the left) also have a textless front cover. In a nice touch, they have added a small picture of the front cover near the top of the spine (barely visible in the upper left corner of the photo)