Communion Shirts

The above shirt was not a promotional item, but rather they were created by artist Steve Neill and sold via Dreamland FX for a brief time in the early nineties. This t-shirt and a detailed latex mask (also created by Steve Neill) were the only Communion related products authorized by Whitley Strieber, and they were sold only via mail order from Steve Neill's catalogue. The image on the shirt, while based on Ted Seth Jacobs' orginal painting (used on the cover of Communion), here is by Mr. Neill. These shirts are no longer available.

This shirt on the other hand (picture on right) is a promotional shirt. A few were printed up during the production of the Communion feature film. Whitley, Anne, and young Andrew Strieber were lined up and photographed on the set of the film wearing these white t-shirt - apparently against their wills, judging by their expressions.