Whitley Strieber's

Beyond Communion

by Whitley Strieber, Martin Powell, various illustrators

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Whitley Strieber's Beyond Communion
Written by Martin Powell and Whitley Strieber
Illustrated by Shane White, Jim Royal
Cover Art by Steve Neill
Published by Caliber Comics (#1-1997, #2-1997)

Caliber Comics

Beyond Communion

Whitley Strieber has met the Visitors.
He knows what They look like.
He knows how it feels to be touched by Them.
He may even know why They are here.
Are you ready for the Truth...?
Whitley's Strieber's Beyond Communion - A True Story

Beginning in September 1997 Caliber Comics is proud to bring to the comic audience the continuation of best-selling author Whitley Strieber's Communion saga which has now resulted in four books selling over 20 million copies combined worldwide! This is the series which began today's popular fascination with alien abduction and has inspired countless people to speak out concerning their own unexplained experiences. Now it comes to comics, and this isn’t merely a retelling of the novel, but a continuation of this amazing true story.

“I think Beyond Communion has the potential to truly reach out past the typical comic audience and bring a whole, new kind of reader into comic stores,” said Managing Editor James Pruett. “There is a whole sub-culture outside the comic market who would be interested in picking this comic up and, perhaps for the first time, walk into a comic store seeking out Beyond Communion and, once there, find other worthwhile titles on the stands that might peek their interest.”

Beyond Communion is an on-going series which will be written by Eisner-nominated writer Martin Powell, illustrated by Shane White and Jim Royal, with covers by SFX artist Steve Neill, and everything goes directly through Whitley Strieber who oversees production and provides the plots, as well as the inspiration.

Beyond Communion has everyone in the office excited as we all foresee the possibilities of a true mainstream crossover with various forms of readership. As a matter of fact, Jim Royal, the inker, personally called me up out-of-the-blue and asked for the job. He had heard that we might be doing this as a comic, from where I don't know because it wasn't confirmed yet, and said that he had to do this book. So with that kind of excitement from the creative team, you can only imagine how good the finished product will look!” said Pruett.

Beyond Communion is an on-going series beginning September 1997 featuring 32 pgs., black and white format, retailing for $2.95.

© 1997 Caliber Comics

Unreleased Issues

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mock-up of #3 cover

Whitley Strieber's Beyond Communion #3
(planned release date of January 1999 passed without explanation)
by Whitley Strieber, Martin Powell, Shane White and Steve Neil, Based on the best-selling books by Whitley Strieber! With the publications of Communion, Transformation, Breakthrough, and The Secret School, the whole world has been fascinated by Whitley Strieber's strange and eerie encounters with alien beings. Now, with this comic book series, authentically approved by Strieber, his true adventures into the unknown are continued as he faces the death of a friend, a jeering group of skeptics, and the possible truth behind his strange abductions. If you haven't jumped on board yet, now's your chance to read the story that has already produced a movie and captivated over 20 million readers worldwide!

#4 cover art
Whitley Strieber's Beyond Communion #4
(release suspended - see above)
(Creators) Martin Powell, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput and Whitley Strieber
Secluded in his country cabin, UFO abductee Whitley Strieber seeks isolation amid the sudden storm of popularity and infamy created by his nonfiction books. Finally the best-selling author has become suspicious of at least part of the truth behind his own alien contact, a truth almost too powerful for him to accept. This comic book series is authentically approved by Strieber himself. B&W, 32

Whitley Strieber Biography by Caliber Comics

Whitley Strieber is the author of many best-selling novels and works of nonfiction, and has made three movies. Among his best known novels are The Wolfen which was made into a film with Albert Finney and Gregory Hines, and The Hunger which was made into a film with David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve. The Hunger is on many ten-best lists among the best horror films of all time. He has also written other bestsellers, including Billy, Catmagic and Majestic.

He is the author of the award-winning children's book, Wolf of Shadows, and two works of speculative fiction with James Kunetka, Warday about the dangers of limited nuclear war and Nature's End, a prophetic 1985 novel about life in the early twenty-first century.

Mr. Strieber is best known for his nonfiction works about unusual experiences that appear to involve alien contact. The first of these books, Communion, details experiences he had in 1985 that he could not explain, and chronicles his effort to find a sensible explanation. Communion has sold over ten million copies worldwide and has been made into a film with Christopher Walken playing Whitley. It is one of the best selling books of modern times. He has also written Transformation, a follow-up to Communion, that has sold four million books worldwide, and Breakthrough, a chronicle of a group of multiple-witness encounters that took place between 1989 and 1995.

His latest book on the subject, The Secret School, was published in January of 1997. In this book, he explores the relationship between the close encounter experience and childhood, using the medium of his own memories.

The four books, taken together, represent the largest selling and best known chronicle of the paranormal ever published. His novel, Majestic, with three million copies in print worldwide, is the largest-selling book on the Roswell Incident, the apparent UFO crash that occurred at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Mr. Strieber has taken every medical and psychological test possible to find a disease or mental condition that might account for his apparent contacts. He has passed three independently administered lie detector tests and an extensive voice-stress test administered without his knowledge. He still does not know what happened to him, only that it is not explainable, and uses his books to remind readers that the whole issue of the origin of the experience is still very much in question.

© 1997 Caliber Comics

Prototype of Beyond Communion

A prototype of Beyond Communion illustrated by Steve Neill was first shown to the public at Steve Neill's “The Art of Dreamland” workshop held November 5, 1995 at the UFO Expo West in San Francisco. Steve Neill is an artist and special effects producer who created many of the alien figures on the tv program SIGHTINGS and the NBC special, Confirmation. Neill ultimately made the Cover Art — the Beyond Communion comics that were published.

Neill's artwork for the prototype of Beyond Communion was rendered in chalk on black paper (unlike the actual comic produced later, which used traditional pen and ink on a white paper base). The prototype was several pages in length.

“In January of 1995,” Steve explained, “I was contacted by Whitley Strieber because a mutual friend had sent him some samples of my illustrations. Martin Powell was the mutual friend and he is a professional writer for comics. He has a high interest in the subject and had collected my art in the past which is how we became friends. Martin and I often talked about the concept of doing a comic on the abduction experience, one day he approached Whitley about it and he agreed to do it. The comic is now being published by Caliber Comics and will be released in August of '97.”

“Whitley just called me up one day because he was looking at my art and saw in some of the images' things he had never quit shared with the public before. Things that were in Breakthrough, that I hadn't read because it was not in release at the time. Since then we've spent allot of good times together sharing our thoughts about the Visitors, life and the very nature of existence He is truly one of the greatest pioneers of the cosmic frontier who woke millions from a sleep of a million years!”

Regrettably, some time after Steve Neill had lent his talent to several Strieber related projects, including the Cover Art — the limited edition collection of Whitley Strieber's short stories Evenings With Demons, there was a falling-out in their relationship over a proposed television series (later reconciled); see Video section of this website for details.